3k Crazy

3k Crazy

Last week, I made a bit of a wild claim. I do my best to keep up with results, but even with the help I get from some of y’all, things still slip by. At the end of the day, if you run a fast time at a non-NIRCA race and don’t tell me or post about it on some platform I follow, I’m probably not gonna be able to find it. So, I do my best to keep my finger on the pulse of club running, and based on the information I had, I believed that MRun athletes had run all the sub-9 3ks of the season so far. If I was wrong, I asked for a fact-check.

Well, consider me fact-checked.

Read more at Reasonably Speedy

David Lefkowitz

David Lefkowitz is a journalist and slowpoke in Richmond, Virginia. An alum of William & Mary's Team Blitz and a monumental track nerd, you can follow David on Twitter at @gymshortsdave

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