Club or Die

Club or Die

I knew we were in for a wild one the day before the race even started.

As tornado warnings and tropical storm rains flailed their way through central Virginia and the temperature report showed no signs of cooling down, I had a feeling that the folks toeing the line on Saturday morning (many of whom were coming from places where things had already cooled off considerably) were in for it. Lo and behold, it was a wild one — but what a day it was!

Alright, rhapsodizing aside, we saw some real cross country racing out there on Saturday. Pole Green made up for its relatively flat course with a hot, humid day, and several races (especially the 8ks) wound up as wars of attrition in the brutal Virginia conditions. The irony of this is that, as I write this, it is 27 degrees. I am wearing three layers. I am indoors. RVA delivered a dose of summer just in time to make your lives miserable for a day and then receded back into Novemberness. The course, as always, gets the last laugh.

Let’s get into it.

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David Lefkowitz

David Lefkowitz is a journalist and slowpoke in Richmond, Virginia. An alum of William & Mary's Team Blitz and a monumental track nerd, you can follow David on Twitter at @gymshortsdave

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